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Explore the historic publications of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec through a simple navigation system.


Information and Help Page

Clicking this icon brings you to this page, providing useful information about navigating through our site.

advacnced search

Search tool

Clicking this icon takes you to the search tool, allowing you to search by title, by author’s name, or even by keyword within the texts themselves.

card catoluge

Card Catalogue

Clicking this icon allows you to browse through all the documents in the virtual library by author or title.

Additional functionality is available within the Card Catalogue and Reading Area:

Print Icon

Print Document

If you would like to print a document use the print function under the file menu of your web browser.

Author Icon

Author Biographies

This icon appears next to the author’s name at the top of the article when biographical information is available. Clicking it takes you to a short author biography and bibliography.

change text size

Modify text display size

If you find the text in this site too small or too large please toggle the text display settings within your browser (Hint: CTRL + or – usually does the trick).

internet link

Additional information from other sources on the Internet

This icon appears under short biographies in the Card Catalogue when additional biographical information is available through the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online or Wikipedia

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